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Foot drop Describes the loss of ability to raise the foot at the ankle.

Dr. Nath - Foot Drop specialist that repairs paralysis in the muscles that normally lift the foot.
Dr. Nath is a foot drop specialist. Dr Nath foot drop Top logo
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Injury Diagnosis

The diagnosis of foot drop injury is basically twofold: a physical examination combined with electrical testing will usually isolate the level of injury. The history of onset of the foot drop will generally be straightforward in isolating the proximate cause of paralysis. EMG (electromyogram) testing of the tibialis anterior muscle shows characteristic changes in the electrical activity of the muscle and direct electrical testing of the peroneal nerve itself shows the exact level of the injury.

Injury that occurs closer to the lower leg can be more easily repaired, but higher injuries around the hip and pelvis can be effectively treated by nerve transfers.


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Dr. Nath is a specialist in: Brachial Plexus Injury (Erb's Palsy), Winging Scapula Injury (Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy),
Neurofibroma and Schwannomatosis Nerve Tumors, and Nerve Surgery to correct Impotence after Prostate Cancer Surgery